The characteristic that knit gold is fastfood

14 01月

Knit gold a county that it is Guizhou, although its area is not quite large,have have very much extr上海夜网 上海夜网aordinary characteristic cate, can attract many tourist each years to go which travel. Bean curd of cool skin of the Qiao that knit gold, rice knits bean curd of fair cake and filar baby, blood already these are characteristic of the cate that knit gold completely, having a special club is very get a person enthusiastic gay. Characteristic of the cate that knit gold a lot of, below comes detailed is solved knit gold to have what characteristic cate.

TOP 1 knits golden Qiao cool skin

Cool skin of the Qiao that knit gold is the characteristic cate that Guizhou finishs holiday town knits golden county. Cool skin of Qiao of the county that knit gold is hot sweet goluptious, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty disappear heat, relaxed next fire, it is this locality resident indispensable drive heat is fastfood. Qiao cool skin is to use Wu Mai to call case, dry grind pink to press 1: Of 4 occupy move with proper edible buck than turning on the water even, with low baking temperature into boiler gradually edge boils edge agitate, 上海夜生活论坛 上海夜生活论坛boil refrigeration and become. When taking tipping go out to be put to chopping block, with special made moldboard blows Qiao cool skin grow fine an outfit in dish dish in, put into man of crisp soya bean, acerbity turnip, black cabbage with another bowl small Sui of man, overgr南京夜网论坛 南京夜网论坛own with weeds, green paragraph, oil of any of several hot spice plants of chili oil, salad oil, hemp, self-restrained fermented bean curd, unripe smoke, the dressi西安夜网 西安夜网ng such as essence of water of water of vinegar, ginger, garlic, chicken matchs, with Qiao cool play the part of dipping in to take.

Bean curd of TOP 2 rice

The summer that rice bean curd is type of the tradition that knit gold is relaxed characteristic is fastfood, it is to use at the outset beating of polish of the burnish after new rice classics invades bubble, add on slow fire lukewarm burn the dot is made and become with thick gravy. The cut when taking is become 2- - a 3 inches form, put onion paragraph, water of powder of ginger foam, garlic, soja, black cabbage, unripe smoke, edible vinegar, irrigate finally on chili oily hemp is hot, heat of a bowl of solution satisfies a craving for delicious food the food of satisfy one's hunger makes you enrol cannot sustain.

TOP 3 knits fair cake

Knitting fair cake is the cate characteristic that Guizhou finishs holiday town knits golden county. Knit fair cake world-famous, produce knit golden county county oneself " 9 dead correct " (place name encyclopedia) ; rice is tailor-made, send alcohol and become, thoroughly cook can enjoy; to be like cloud in vain, soft be like sponge, the passageway is sweet and balmy, meaning still did not use up.

4.Filar baby

Filar baby is the county that knit gold one of a kind of general area tradition cate, fragile bright of this dish meat dishes, sweet hot goluptious, be good at lienal appetizing be good at taste. The course of action of filar baby is the hoecake that with paddy rice wheat flour bake in a pan becomes, thin be like paper thinly to have however, palmar heart is so big, coil again turnip, the root that change side (cordate houttuynia root) , soya bean of dry kelp silk, blast, fragile chirp, burnt Chao Tianjiao, alias element spring roll. When native eats, be unavoidable naturally to introduce the burning juice juice of acerbity acid, eat a sweet hot goluptious, be good at lienal appetizing be good at taste, it is the cate characteristic of the county that knit gold.

The local speciality that knits gold - hematic bean curd

The local speciality that Guizhou knits gold - the food of series product bacon such as hematic bean curd is prince of governor of minister of Qing Chaobing ministry Bao Zhen birthplace is opposite little Baoding the offerings of palace. Between each years of the first month of the lunar year, the fleshy hog slaughter of courtyard of farmhouse of will a mountainous area region, section a many sided is ancestral makings of secret recipe sweet laborious bloats be soiled and into, the blood the pig and acerbity soup bean curd are held knead bolus; to all be fumed with the means of extraordinary subsequently bake, those who feed is fat thin appropriate not fat, delicious extraordinary fragrance is goluptious, it is fa西安夜生活论坛 西安夜生活论坛med one of national local speciality.

The kung-pao chicken that knit gold

So that accept as a souvenir is fourth,kung-pao chicken is unborn Bao Zhen, him most dote on a eating course- - hot pepper chicken is fourth, will name with his name (palace is protected is the official says, quiet day last years of a dynasty or reign weighs official Ding Baozhen to be sealed to be prince to be protected less by feudal official, ding Gong of address sb respectfully is protected. Ding Baozhen, guizhou Province is smooth far (knit gold today) person) . Because Ding Baozhen is in Shandong,province, Sichuan ever should spend an official, and he also is Guizhou person, consequently 3 provinces area is to have cole of this the daily life of a family, but course of action is endless and same.

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