The daily life of a family bloats pointed any of several hot spice plants

14 01月

The means Zuo that be soiled green pepper bloats in the life is simpler, if everybody can have held to bloat,the condiment below be soiled circumstance is occupied compare and bloat oneself can let bloat between be soiled the green pepper that be soiled goes out more and more more a few more delicate, that Zuo ought to want to apply pickles crock to begin bloat be soiled, this kind of special tool bloats the flavour after be soiled meet more pleased still did not use up a few, still can use zhongzi part of a historical period, in th上海夜生活论坛 上海夜生活论坛at way cover is bloating of type of be soiled dish above can ferment quickly time.

1, make special tool: Leaf of old pickles crock, zhongzi or wheat straw, gravelstone head, spoon, basin.

2, treatment craft secret recipe: Machine acerbity chili of one pickles crock in order to produce to be a standard, 10Kg of bright Chao Tianjiao, licorice 1南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所0 grams of 10 grams, hemp any of several hot spice plants, sugar 500 grams of 250 grams, edible salt.

3, pull current Cheng: 南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发

(1) leaf of pickles crock, zhongzi or wheat straw, gravelstone first class is cleaned clean, after air is basked in, reserve.

(2) is carried go having bug clothes or contain sodden the Chao Tianjiao that drops aperture, subsequently will wonderful bright Chao Tianjiao is cut go be being washed clean after the handle, again enough air is basked in.

(3) past pickles advocate the crock drinks half crocks of cold water, add pleasant to delimit subsequently, salt of hemp any of several hot spice plants, sugar, edible, after be being blended amply static put a few days.

(4) is waited for advocate bright Chao Tianjiao can be added when the water of the南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所 crock has peculiar smell a bit, want all adj/LIT wide to enter water alertly in, can not allow surface layer of the dew outside Chao Tianjiao. After card tightens Chao Tianjiao, get on the lid with zhongzi leaf or wheat straw, press with gravelstone head subsequently above OK.

(5)10 comes Queen of heaven, acid can gain put on sale or already included the sale after Xuan toward day any of several hot spice plants. After scooping up Chao Tianjiao, can enter bright Chao Tianjiao again again, in that广州夜网 广州夜网 way can circulatory system produces treatment, do not use up raw material.

4, common problem:

(1) Chao Tianjiao, a bamboo basket is predicted, long beans horn after be being washed clean, must enough air is basked in, can contain portion of a bit water to enter a crock anything but, otherwise the likelihood affects storage life and product quality.

(2) bright Chao Tianjiao after be being put into the crock, should regular ground doorknob extends the agitate in entering a crock, should go out in crock mouth a few ivory expanded plastics, want to be scooped up instantly.

Acerbity chili, also call acerbity chili. It is most be good at lienal appetizing chili dish. Be in a country nowadays, turn after autumn, a lot of farmhouse courtyards the Chao Tianjiao that takes surplus, with bloat the since dish jar acerbity vesicle, all and all, wait for bubble to arrive between certain , chao Tianjiao turned turmeric into color, fleshy quality of a material is too fragile, acerbity water was full of inside, bite, the belt in acid is sweet, sweet contain hot, simply goluptious and delicate. And inside the city, acerbity chili normally as condiment. Relatively common acerbity chili dish has: Acerbity chili fries gallinaceous man, head of fish of acerbity chili evaporate, acerbity chili fries dry loach fish. Because acerbity chili has the effect that removes raw meat or fish, and strange flavour can be entered arrive in meat or fish, your person has not fat person.

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