How does scamper compare rice crust delicious?

14 01月

This kind of food thinks jerk of the five spices come we all is not not close also, it is everybody a kind of relatively general provision in life daily life, its taste is sweet crisp and nutrient composition also is very of rich and colorful, because this is in daily life, Zuo is the person that has a lot of relatively dote on this kind of food. Jerk of the five spices also has a few other edible methods, eat for example according to the method of scamper is relatively first-rate, jerk of that Zuo the five spices how is scamper relatively delicate? Below introduces in detail.

Course of action one:

1. prepares white rice ahead of schedule a bowl

2. puts salt, white pepper, gallinaceous essence pink, sesame-seed oil mix is even.

3. is put into film the tamp in bag

4. is ground piece shape

5. uses a knife section

Electricity is burned in 6. boiler, put rise meal piece deepfry. (Must have held ripe degree, very small fire is met of scamper too dry, very big papered again) want one side deepfry to give case child in other one side of blast searching an area.

7. double-西安夜生活论坛 西安夜生活论坛faced deepfry can scoop up南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所 drop oil to orange yellow.

Course of action 2:

Rice adds salt and pink of the five spices.

Break up subsequently mix.

In holding filmy bag, knead dough rice meal again round.

Reassume kneads a circle small pi上海夜生活论坛 上海夜生活论坛ece one.

With handle it is squeezed flat, it is good to jump over Bao Yue

After all doing well, burn to oil inside boiler, put an egg to get or supply meals at a fixed rate come in scamper.

Scamper can scoop up drop oil to take to orange yellow.

Course of action 3:

1. adds rice meal lukewarm, do not deliver very hot level, add stick ground rice, white sesame seed, reach its place to need dressing. the appearance that rice meal rub becomes panada.

Group of 2. general rice leaves with roll of roll face rod, the be fond of of oneself of Bao Houke basis, I feel thinner to had been jumped over, nature is too t上海水磨会所 上海水磨会所hin can come loose very easily.

3. becomes snow cake cut a small.

4. gives boiler to add bit of oil, oil is burned to 7 when becoming heat, put into jerk of the five spices scamper is good to come.

Below the circumstance of 5. blast must advertent ripe degree, need not fire, fade hind should change slow fire, or very easy paste. If have baking pan of electric oven, report, bake those who go out is stronger, more healthy!

Eat at any time and place in the can put sealing caddy that 6. takes surplus, it is first-rate snacks!

Little hint

1, stick ground rice to be able to use cassava starch, wheaten flour to replace, but the stuff that I feel to have stickiness is more powerful.

2, some of small sweet onion can be put in rice meal, the favorite thing such as dried skin.

3, had better be the move that bake eats, in 广州夜网 广州夜网that way very body and mind is healthy!

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