Citric how section is simple

14 01月

A lot of dimension C are contained to reach in Qing Ning Meng its former cyanine element, because this is flavour of Qing Ning Meng of acerbity acid, in also becoming a lot of homes necessary and fresh fruit. Because Qing Ning Meng is aimed at skin of beautiful Bai Pi to prevent consenescence, can produce first-rate effect adequately. And clearly is taken instantly in taking citric full course not quite reliable, will green lemon is cu南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发t piece use bubble water to drink be a lot of people to choose later. What to have consequently simple and easy and efficient cut Gan Ning Meng piece small kind?

How is Qing Ning Meng cut

1, the section that has majo广州夜网 广州夜网r implement, can cut too thin very well-balanced piece.

2, the cold storage in discharge freezer is taken again a little while cut, cut in that way also relatively thin.

Xiaochang of Qing Ning Meng is known

Qing Ning Meng (alias: Citrus Limon (L. ) Burm. F. ) , for dicotyledon key link rue division orange belongs to greenery, fruit of mother of Meng of fruit of lemon of another namer of Qing Ning Meng, foreign Qing Ning, beneficial. Bush plant, the branch is pricked less or tend do not have thorn, leaf and bud secretly purple, leaf pasteboard edition, egg or ellipse. Odd beautiful armpit is born or little beautiful bunch is born. Fruit ellipse or egg, exocarp is thick, general not smooth, qing Ning Meng is flaxen, fruit juice acid comes very acerbity, Er child small, egg, seed coat of the; that carry a needle is smooth, tender leaf suckles white, general sheet or hold many embryo concurrently. Open florescence 4-5 month, month of result period 9-11.

Qing Ning Meng produces our country the Yangtse River with south, area of southeast Asia of country of origin, crucial country of origin is England, Spain, Italy and Gu Xila.

Pregnant woman drin南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所ks lemonade to be able to stop spit

Pregnant woman drinks lemonade to have stop first-rately say action, but lemon juice does not suit to had been taken much, in addition lemon juice is soda acid sex, if be a body,dyspeptic pregnant woman had better be to need not drink lemonade to stop spit. Should feed material to also judge 12 kinds when eat surely for pregnant woman to feed capable person.

Pregnant woman can eat lemon, small suffering of Qing Ning Meng, can complement body place needs vitaminic C, and first-rate to conceiving the vomiting between pregnancy to be able to be had stop say practical effect, can use the way that cuts a make tea to take. But blueness is citric be soda acid sex is very easy excitant stomach, the proposal need not eat more, especially the person with overmuch hydrochloric acid in gastric juice does not suit to be fed more.

Assistant director of operation of all previous classics is concerned emphasize, after be pregnant, pregnant woman can drink lemonade, but because the acid of lemon juice is alkalescent too big, accordingly edible wants proper, cannot pass in order to drink much, not OK also empty stomach edible. Generally speaking, each chapel is drunk 2 times enough, one day can not exceed 2 cups. Or can be the soda acid that affects human body. A few pregnant woman react ache slightly lemon juice as precautionary vomiting during pregnancy relatively beautiful health drink, this also is practicable. Natural, the benefit of lemon juice but more than this. The shallow strange flavour with Qing Ning pure and fresh Meng is aimed at alleviate vomiting during pregnancy but choose superexcellently, small Meng of a Qing Ning广州夜网 广州夜网 but one of fresh fruits of the effect on the world and action, it contains acid of vitaminic C, citric acid natriu南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发m, apple, high amount element of potassium element and small amount natrium, very advantageous to pregnant woman.

Dry Qing Ning Xian Qing lemon and Home Meng where is good

The green lemon of the green lemon of new Zuo and air is on action is similar completely actually, for example, both is to have first-rate improvement to the heart head blood-vessel of the body action. Mere, meng of bright Qing Ning and dry green lemon take taste removing to be able to appear a few differences. In addition, the difference with bigger both depends on what amid place contains nutrient element is the problem of how many. Say so, dry Qing Ning Xian Qing lemon and Home Meng where is good, this kind of problem did not have verdict. Turnip green vegetables loves somewhat each!

Go up from taste and character, if be of a few taste that love acerbity acid, the dry lemon of the air of; of Qing Ning Meng that can choose new Zuo piece in flavour above those who compare new Zuo want many somes of clear sweet taste, because this also is,a few people want relatively the taste that loves Meng of dry Qing Ning.

Go up from nutrient element and character, the composition that Meng of bright Qing Ning is citriccer than Gan Qing nutrition element of course is a few morer, nutrient class status is some higher also little. Qing Ning Meng is making the outflow that nutrient element can appear more or less in dry whole process, gan Qing is citric of course the nutrient class status of new Zuo of be not a patch on is full. But in fact, the difference of this amid also did not have very big.

Look from main use, xian Qing has a way citricly very much, can use at make tea, still can use at as condiment condiment, still can in order to makes lemon of desert; Gan Qing basically is to be used at the make tea, tea that boil to drink.

From what take convenient the gender looks, nature is Gan Qing lemon is more convenient, can take at any time and place two will boil tea; and the application after rift of Meng of bright Qing Ning is not over to still need to be put into freezer to store, store not to be pooh-poohed is very easy mildew changes, the vitaminic C of amid also is met outflow.

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