How is vivid crayfish done

14 01月

It is very tall that the nutrition of small tiger shrimp uses value, because serve the serves feed artificially langouste of feed artificially,be completely commonly, his surroundings will be better, the bacteria that contains inside is fewer, because this eats a to have more in the light of the safety factor of our human body,ensure, major person falls to the case that makes langouste is to choose eat oily frowsty prawn, how is the crayfish with that vivid Zuo done more delicate?

Although langouste is very delicate and goluptious, but also can not eat more. Actually langouste grows the environment of development is not very clear, the water system of crayfish of some breed aquatics is better, but langouste also has foul water in liquid waste,also can survive in channel. Of because this is not OK clear clear langouste originate means, what because Zuo of this kind of dish is,avoid to eat as far as possible is good. So that ensure body and mind is healthy, it is many better to teach we all the method comes the crayfish of differential new Zuo ! The quality of langouste affects the taste of dish instantly, how does oneself flesh often cook a few langouste to also take taste hard again, should choose high quality langouste as food, need to hold these a lot of kind only, fleshy quality of a material is tender cook a tenderly first-rate into flavour.

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Langouste is bought, a few hours are raised in preexistence water, clean clean; basically to use warm boiled water subsequently (make an appointment with 60-70 to spend) , boil 20 seconds to fluctuate slightly, langouste died, it is OK to clean obligate once more.

Langouste clears, cut long way:

Had better wash a law yes: Acetic salt

Will go the langouste after sand is put into add instantly in the cold water of vinegar and salt, invade bubble 15 minutes Zuo , the crayfish after all previous classics invades bubbl广州夜网 广州夜网e already very clean, reoccupy cold water is cleaned 3 times.

Go sanded means

1, cut go the half build carapace of langouste, the head that outside taking the chance to be in with shears, dew goes out carries even the district of back go the gastric bursa; that black whistle whistles

2, the cheek of two side is cut go housing, follow again inclined cut go whiskers;

3, tug is worn in the middle of its small tail that trailer arm广州夜网 广州夜网our, take the chance to be pulled, pull black bowel path to come;

4, on the body vertical stroke cuts one knife, facilitate more into flavour (this action nots matter, treat everybody skill be fond of) ;

5, around of down tooth brush wants to control an edge to be brushed to the edge below drinking water, be careful to fasten a shrimp Huang Chong to go, subsequently waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall goes.

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