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14 01月

The road that fry a road opens a sort that also is material of vest in Chinese traditional medicine, but pregnant woman of material of this kind of Chinese herbal medicine people it is affirmation cannot be taken quite feed, can cause otherwise very more serious undesirable effect, do not return the state that can continue to bring about oneself to give miscarriage instantly alertly a bit, this are need advertent, key of material of this kind of Chinese traditional medicine is to be used at the abdomen below cure to ache, arrive to be able to choose material of this kind of Chinese herbal medicine to improve aching standard without method susceptive degree when oneself gastralgia.

A西安夜网 西安夜网dvertent

Pregnant woman is banned take.

Use method is used measure

Profess to convinced: Decoct soup, 2 money; or forge put 1 ~ the gender grinds end. Apply: Forge puts a gender to grind to end moves apply or burn smoke to sniff scent.

Peng body " Chinese traditional medicine annals " : "Flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability person do not西安夜网 西安夜网 suit. "

Mango " annals of Guang上海夜生活论坛 上海夜生活论坛xi Chinese traditional medicine " : "The person that the warm blood inside deficiency of yin with irritability dies is not taken. "

Apple " annals of Sichuan Chinese traditional medicine " : "Every classics water reachs pregnant woman to should not be too much. "

Every are elaborated

" detailed outline gleaning " : "Maple skin of the thorn outside going if really, the circle is like beehive shape outside, namely never be satisfied where one is. Its sex is big can travel 12 classics acupuncture point, reason " lifesaving abyss of misery " administer feel distended to use, because of its can search chases Fu Shui also. "

Wan of in order to abdominal distension painful

Way way understands the sex that provides a benefit, action regulating the flow of上海夜生活论坛 上海夜生活论坛 vital energy and removing obstruction to it is wide medium and stop ache, go up in clinical medicine Wan of in order to is abdominal distension painful, defecate is afflictive wait for disease,

In order to rheumatism pain or numbness caused by cold is painful

This product can invigorate the circulation of blood knows wind, do not move to female menstruation, official holiday quantity is little and abdominal distension person, but with sweet add, the tie-in; such as Chong Wei Zi the disease such as contraction of arrest of arteries and veins of ache of leg of painful to rheumatism pain or numbness caused by cold, waist, muscle,

Pee of oedema of in order 西安夜生活论坛 西安夜生活论坛to not free

This product the action of beneficial water detumescence, oedema of in order to, can wait for collocation with tuckahoe skin, Sang Bai skin, wax gourd skin.

Besides, this product connects the sex of benefit to also can connect next milk, sluggish of stop up of courage and uprightness of in order to, milk jams, can match Chinese traditional medicine the medicine such as pangolin, the seed of cowherb is operable.

Discern physico-chemically

1, take this product 1g, turn on the water 5ml, water bath heats 20Min, filtration, take filter 2ml, add slant alkaline tartaric acid 2ml of cupreous standard solution, lukewarm 10Min is added in boiled water bath, cause vermeil oxidation inferior copper is heavy calm. (Check glycogen)

2, take this product 1g to add 95% alcohol 10Ml, water bath heats 15min, put cold, filtration. Ooze drop fluid offers the following test:

Peng body takes 2ml of ooze drop fluid, evaporate 10, add vitriolic reagent of experiment of one vinegar anhydride 2, show magenta, gradual change color is violet nigger-brown, show finally corrupt emerald. (Check steriod kind)

Mango takes 2ml of ooze drop fluid, add zinc powder a few, drop add drop of 3-4 of thick hydrochloric acid, water bath heats 15-20Min, show orange. (Check yellow ketone compound, much saccharide

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