Hu Pilan's action and effect

14 01月

Balata is gilt-edged bracketplant a sort in this kind of plant, the key is in order to after new building outfit fosters cordial relations between states, everybody is put into the home inside purify formaldehyde, the means Zuo of formaldehyde of this kind of 上海夜生活论坛 上海夜生活论坛purify is very apparent, and the lamina of balata still can regard Chinese traditional medicine as material instantly after air will take, this also is the kind that disease of a kind of first-rate cure has, it is to be aimed at the practical effect of a few traumatic and fast detumescence to be met very more an西安夜生活论坛 西安夜生活论坛d more more a few more remarkable.

Greenery is put to come in decorating good new home indoors purify formaldehyde, it is a proposal that often hears in life daily life. But in fact, greenery is right of indoor formaldehyde absorb an amount in fact very low, great majority is on the volume level of 1mg/h/ ㎡, and the gilt-edged bracketplant that favors and even ㎡ of only 0.15 Mg/h/ . In the light of the interior space design that uses an a few about a hundred square metre character, the assimilation that wait absorbs gilt-edged bracketplant, evergreen cane rate is too slow, did not have good with real significance.

The principle of greenery purify formaldehyde is structure of indoor formaldehyde element can be mixed greene南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发ry body albumen is shirt-sleeve. Consequently, indoor formaldehyde has certain harm sex in the light of greenery. Although greenery is not OK purify formaldehyde, but a few pairs of indoor formaldehyde compare sensitive greenery, wait like trigonometry plum and safflower creeping oxalis, in inferior pH indicator indoor formaldehyde is put can create harm situation sometimes, can indicate plant application as environment.

Consequently, want the contaminant of steam system air in eliminate home, when air temperature is admirable instantly indoor and ventilated, apply a few Ma additionally elegant blue it is the most reliable means.

Chinese traditional medicine material radical source: Be

Lily division the bur beggar-ticks of bracketplant of gr南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所eenery Phnom Penh or root.

closes and store up: Annual is average but closes, clean delicacy to use. [4]

Tuckahoe effect

Flavour pleasant; suffers from; sex a bit cool [4]

Effect with action

Relieve a cough expectorant; comes loose Qing Dynasty of Yu detumescence; heats up reduce internal heat. Advocate; of phlegmy hot cough drops burn of dozen of; of haemorrhoid of; of sore of carbuncle of; fracture; . High fever of children of in order to, wind heats up cough, haematemesis, injuries from falls is swollen ache wait for action. [4]

Use method is used measure

Profess to convinced: Decoct soup, 6-15 gram, give birth to bright 15-30 gram. Apply: Proper, the; that pound apply or decoct water are cleaned. [4]

View and admire quality

Gilt-edged bracketplant is vivacious long xylophyta, limb is long fine lax, summer or other time spend tall Shi Kaibai to spend, spend the tail end of the limb of centralized Yu Chuigua, beautiful core is shown flaxen, ministry small leaf shows blue purple occasionally, can offer potted plant to admire.

Take this to taste fine pink 3g, turn on the water 50ml, burn, taking the advantage of hot filtration, evaporate of ooze drop fluid works, incomplete pool adds alcohol 2ml thaw, filtration, ooze drop fluid appends magnesian pink particle and hydrochloric acid report, aqueous solution shows wine. (Check component of yellow ketone compound, much s上海夜生活论坛 上海夜生活论坛accharide)

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