" bud bud army group " new inside measure raid in the future namely brand-new heroic battle array is unscrambled

09 12月

" bud bud army group " new inside measure will raid, brand-new heroic battle array is unscrambled. " bud bud army group " it is a light recreational, heavy strategy, can be able to bear or endure the 3D strategy that employ places net of mobile phone blocking a card to swim, will in May the end is official go up line. Game is brand-new now heroic large exposure, xin Yingxiong brings infinite battle array to cover a region, along with small make up look together!

New version be about to head launch ship, brand-new systematic battle behaves advent

" bud bud army group " be about to greet go up formally line, line new version also is in on in be being made in full blast, in new version, expect according to exploding, new action is behaved, heroic skill balances a gender, new hero development and brand-new interface are interactive be about to go up line, bring player more outstanding delicate experience!

Brand-new the hero opens mysterious veil, more battle array covers a region infinite likelihood

The new hero that comes from wolf heart tribe is about to go up formally the line opens veil, "Only the assassin of 13 people organizes wintersweet darts, assassinate is led successfully 100 percent, once move,do not come to nothing absolutely. They with code name proportional, will true when assassinate is successful name tells the person that grants to be killed. Wintersweet K is the 2nd killer of this organization, can undertake the space moves allegedly, any defending cannot prevent her to move. Any defending cannot prevent her to move..

Heroic skill:

An illusion: The power division that uses empty air gives 2 idolum, the hematic amount that has oneself 28%/30%/32% and the assault force of 25% (at the same time most call 2 idolum) , break up at the same time oneself all adverse effects, cd10 second

Flying selects a part of a historical period: Twinkle behind the hero with hostile assault highest force, cause 100% physics to atttack harm, and infuse 7/8/9 layer spends poison, every beautiful poison reduces 3% assault force, continuously 45 seconds, most overlay 30, cd15 second

100 flowers are confused: Wintersweet K and her idolum every time average charge can give target infuse a beautiful poison, when the enemy the poison when the overlay that spend poison goes to 30 is sent, cause the harm that 360%/400%/440% physics atttacks to this enemy, move except all beautiful poison.

The hero comments on:

A summit summit assassin is for whole, content is attacked and physical harm is super and outstanding, skill group also suits assassin very this profession

PV南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所E respect: Recomme南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所nd education strongly. Wolf heart tribe is exclusive assassin, assassin a list of names posted up and antic and paratactic station are in summit summit, nobody can be compared. Sk上海千花网论坛 上海千花网论坛ill an illusion receives dart is simply on cannot the nightmare of the back row that the hand uses switch punching bag. All battle arrays that 南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发need assassin are OK and preferential consider her.

PVP respect: It is very difficult that difficulty is chosen in PVP, have must take, certain, certain, certain. An illusion of on the offensive receives flying to pick Xie Bineng to cut hostile C smoothly, my highest get the better of even if creat by skill of two wintersweet K. Suit effect suggests to choose to add an injury to perhaps decrease CD, after all an illusion CD has been jumped over more quickly.

Above is this period be about to go up the Xin Yingxiong of the line - the brief introduction of empty sky assassin and the genre that cover a region is recommended.


" bud bud army group " open will stir on December 25 inside measure characteristic to enjoy law large exposure

Spring scenery is warm greet " bud bud army group " mysterious linkage is about to defeat spring will raid

" bud bud army group " measure eventually will raid brand-new version new experience

" bud bud army group " spring scenery is measured eventually open characteristic enjoys law large exposure now

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