Freddybabes environment snapshot " the card of elder brother spy of koradji " 5 a group of people of same interest are the strongest card group brief introduction

09 12月
Freddybabes environment snapshot " the card of elder brother spy of koradji " 5 a group of people of same interest are the strongest card group brief introduction on April 26, 2019 14:09 origin: Manufacturer contribute downloads this game

Arrived again " the card of elder brother spy of koradji " the environmental snapshot time of Freddybabes of champion of of reinforced material, this period the series of the the strongest, most welcome shop sign that Freddybabes listed 5 large a group of people of same interest.

Some cards group is in " blood-red is cursed " exist before patulous bag, some are completely different. Let us see the eye of champion together!

Ni Fujia heart

Middling speed An Na

Middling speed An Na

Whole of heart a group of people of same interest can discharge current Ni Fujia only in 3-5, but should say the most powerful card group, be about to belong to install tower of leaf of graceful · Henry. She

It is the cacique with instantly the most welcome empire, this shop sign that shows now is not is the most popular only card option, but control is the train of thought of core and did not change with middling speed. Many Suo Dinghe is included to harm in card group, xiladeke with be aimed at the unit of large check the number of party of pattern of Shi Kai profit, squirrel and strange animal effectively, a little right even blast meeting Carry removes whole Ni Fujia heart. Purify card respect, the replacement action of Caesarean and particular Peter Saergewenli is OK take charge of a department alone.

Mo Erfan of person a group of things with common features

Mo Erfan of person a group of things with common features

It is not current group of the most popular card of Ni Fujia heart, but than other leader, not Reese suits accord with of Er every · more group of card of person a group of things with common features, build check the number because of his very tall. Professional player Adzikov nots with human Buddhist nun Jia heart gained very high mark, proved the strength of card group for everybody. Buddhist nun of person a group of things with common features nots Jia heart is given priority to with a large number of mankinds, give be out of shape quite dye-in-the-wood support, yatuolie manages · osmund song returns may additional creation an edge form is odd. Boer Aigebulajie uses the base of a fruit to had been aimed at the card group with overmuch card.



Mo Erfan of group of shop store brand and An Na can play, shop store has stronger terminative capacity, but should lose on whole at above two.

Pattern of Shi Kai profit

Pattern of Shi Kai profit is probable it is current the strongest a group of people of same interest, cloth orchid king and Aisite are very strong.

Cloth orchid king abandons a card

Cloth orchid king abandons a card

The passivity of cloth orchid king can produce very high value, abandon a card 3 times to let him can wear whole card set too, wang Gan is opening this Rangbulan bureau change high grade Jin Ka, and they do not see at the back of concern, this is very strong. In addition, its rhythm of cloth orchid king is very strong also, the odd bout value with coral and green jade graceful Er likes bombshell general, constant battle strength is gained while they can lose a low value to block a card to pass a card, can shed card of high grade card in R3 terminative bureau again. This may be current the most powerful card group.

The soldier sheds Aisite

上海千花网论坛 上海千花网论坛

Aisite soldier

This may be pattern of Shi Kai profit the 2nd strong card card, I think his Bibulan is ambitious still even, this version that everybody sees was to pass after optimizing. Card group crosses card component and cloth Lanwang is same, just lacked itself of cloth orchid king cross card and stability, and what what change is Aisite is more puissant erupt ability, aisite is renascent " merciless person " Kenute and Wei Erka's soldier cooperate to be able to make round of double card sheet 21 o'clock erupt. In addition, and Kenute still can cooperate the totem and Zhu dark lens of Da Dimenjiabeikeer. Want to be able to pass a card smoothly only, pile good graveyard, aisitehui is the cacique that cannot stop.

Kui is especially bloodsucking

2 cards are a bit weak before the likelihood is compared, 南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发but the core component of archipelago is changeless, intensity also won't be differred. Kui reachs bloodsucking condition more easily especially, the boar that also can increase the of great capacity will enhance long bureau ability.

Northward domain

Rice osmund engine

The likelihood is current the most powerful northward card group, although I did not try personally too much, but very popular very strong also. Of mark sex first ancestor skill selling wine assures to grow bureau capacity, still can protect engine unit, still have very good tropism with duel. Card group train of thought takes the first bureau to use many engi西安夜生活论坛 西安夜生活论坛ne unit to ensure, make sure the 3rd bureau is enough next long.

Hengsaite is controlled

Resource point is very strong at 17 o'clock, let you can get more Jin Ka in card group traditional Chinese clothes, like the turnip this is planted. Cupreous card and Jin Ka's many harm card can form good control, long bureau has tear off, short bureau has not Nong Luo engraves.

Fuertaisite is enthusiastic

This card has the environmental specific aim with have stated, especially Leijisi is gobbled up in the light of strange animal. Commando is OK by A Deli inferior queen is duplicate, denounce is awaited can duplicate again more commando, handkerchief osmund tower still can wash the commando in graveyard go back, denounce is awaited again duplicate, fuertaisite sparks again commando is enthusiastic, form puissant erupt. Still can try to enable instruction dragon in addition. I like this to cover a shop sign very much, strength is good still, play rise very interesting also.

Blame animal

Strange animal should be the 2nd strong a group of people of same interest that is next to pattern of Shi Kai profit currently, a few stronger than party of the 3rd squirrel, with the first have contend certainly ability.

Bewitching of eldest brother forest

Very of the standard white board eldest brother is added gobble up, eldest brother offers all drive, other offers control, in short bureau is very outstanding. A few problems appear when may encountering engine card group, but shorten as far as possible number of bout of play a game of chess is OK will get the better of rate promotion.

Broadness pulls case Buddhist nun grow

She is very strong also, but additional build check the number to have 11 only, the likelihood is compared forest bewitching weakness, but the long bureau ability that broadness pulls case Buddhist nun and force card capability is stronger. I see Chinese player Hana chooses to use old spearhead and did not take Ouciruier to also obtain strange animal to be divided high.

Crab spider queen

I think queen returns true good, broader than case Buddhist nun even pull even strong, although I return trashy practice test and verify. Have a bit very clear, queenly is terminative capability is too strong, last hand can hit a sewage to blame will already the crab spider den of put away + Gilman + cacique can be obtained above erupted at 20 o'clock. Perhaps block Lanxier duplicate Di Lafu: Advanced bloodsucker, reoccupy gigantic octopus gobbles up a superhigh to erupt quite. I like in a word very much crab spider queenly plays a way.

Sciuroid party

Ai Saina is controlled

Ai Saina sparks very easily deadly effect, still have the medium of purify high check the number, overall control force lets her develop extraordinary stability. In addition, she still has very strong terminative capacity, by the Xieerdu Sikagesi of gain and the Grey of tall tribute hill Ge Rui. But before cacique has the value 4 o'clock to let her must be in only two bureaus are obtained enough much advantage.

Phenanthrene helps gain of card of hand of every heart a surname

It is apparently good that phenanthrene pulls Fan Derui to want in the play when defensive position at on the offensive, because on the offensive may is short of as a result of cacique skill,make the same score card to be defeated, or the 2nd bureau is forced card. But the first bureau can choose to be taken when defensive position, the 2nd bureau holds card of 7 pieces of hands or a few tough atomy, enter the 3rd bureau.

Amount to harmony of green jade of graceful · plum

Fu of law of long bureau support + the water that Buluokelai holds high + of cacique 西安夜生活论坛 西安夜生活论坛cooperate to be able to be obtained ton accrual. Plus other card of long bureau engine, it is group of the most powerful long bureau card almost. But she still lost to nod a little, because fear,force card. But do not think she is very weak, I am sciuroid party vermicelli made from bean starch only, what just play so is little.

Above is the closest environment summary, the likelihood can not have new strong card group appear, or the puissant card series that I had not mentioned, for instance Si Ka of Lan Qian of patriarchal clan system of trap shedding, air and forest bewitching, but I do not want to popularize them, because have bit of malignant tumor. Welcome everybody to leave a message, say the view that you give. Thank everybody watch, we fall period adieu!


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