Practice encyclopedia of Chai Yu

14 01月

Of Chai Yu have a way very much, what a lot of people master in the light of practice encyclopedia of Chai Yu is not overmuch, because Chai Yu's effect has a lot of, because this is only reoccupy is correct the practical effect that means just can have cure to everybody's human body. Chai Yu does the congee that boil is method of very good a kind of edible, the female friend that gives birth to the child not only can take, the everybody of easy get angry, cough also can be ta西安夜网 西安夜网ken. The course of action that masters congee of earthnut of fish issueing bavin together.

One, congee of bavin fish earthnut

Raw material: Chai Yu does 1, pork chop bone 100 grams, groundnut 50 grams, paddy rice 200 grams, big jujube 5, medlar 15 grams, ginger 1, rice wine, oily, salt, unripe smoke soy, white pepper each are proper.

Course of action: 1, after groundnut is cleaned, invade bubble with cold water Yu Ganqing of bavin of one late; washs surface layer dust, cut into parts with shears fine fine, bubble is invaded in be being put into cold water after rice of paddy of 1 hour; is cleaned clean, invade bubble with cold water bone of pork chop of 2 hour; is cleaned, cut becomes a small, ampling water reserves.

2, burn on boiler buy fire, issue oil, next ginger undertake exploding sweet, the decoct in putting the pig chop of scald scald wate南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所r into boiler fizzles out to surface layer gold color, chai Yu when accusing to do water, eat boiler inside with pork chop bone a stir-fry before stewing is fried, undertake exploding into rice wine sweet.

3, the cold water that eats a lot of boiling water and bubble bavin fish, fire boils; of soup of head of fish of bavin of bone of milky white pork chop to boil the circumstance of soup to fall, clean big jujube and medlar the obligate that invade bubble.

4, take pressure cooker, enter paddy rice and groundnut, reach boiling water of earthnut of its bavin fish, join salt, unripe smoke soy, valve is put on the lid, place kitchen to go up small fire is boiled slow, the slow fire in the attune after jet aircraft boils 10 minutes of fluctuation.

5, the ability after Zuo pressing discharges gas is OK open cap, at this moment the congee inside boiler is tasted still be in roll, put the big jujube that invades bubble to pass and medlar into boiler inside, add right amount white pepper condiment, with spoon after mix is even OK.

2, the action that Chai Yu fights

Chai Yu doing is fish of fresh water of cold water sex (advocate water area of temperate zone of Yu Han yield a division) the dry impetuous product of silver-colored cod, its flesh quality of a material is provided quite extend a gender, because 广州夜网 广州夜网this is common at boiling congee or the soup that boil. That Zuo , what does the action that Chai Yu fights have?

Chai Yu does the dry impetuous product that is silver-colored cod, its are treasure all over: The fat of fish of action; bavin that bavin fish has invigorate the circulation of blood to change silt has enrich the blood the bone of fish of effect; bavin of filling gas invigorate the circulation of blood can treat liver of Chai Yu of n/med beriberi; can in order to gets fish oil (oil content achieves 20%~40%) , contain vitamin D and fish oil of vitaminic D; bavin to have to n/med tuberculosis bacterium restrain the effect, its are not saturated the 1/100000 chroma value of fatty acid is OK bacterium of block the way is progenitive, still can solve infection the gender is traumatic in put some bacterias. Besides, bavin fish pancreas contains more pleasant essence insulin, those who had compared reduce blood sugar effect, cure of in order to is diabetic.

In addition, chai Yu doing also has the following 广州夜网 广州夜网effect:

1, relieve a cough expectorant. Chai Yu doing has good moisture and naturopathy effect to pharynx and larynx, be beneficial to partial agnail heal, can eliminate partial urticant move, cut off then cough reflex.

2, fire of clear hot alexipharmic dispel. Chai Yu works flavour small hardship, fire of dispel of can clean heart, clear hot detoxify is divided irritated, the heat in OK and cleared blood is poisonous, the personnel that suits easy get angry especially is taken.

3, advantageous micturition detumescence. Often take Chai Yu to work, can eliminate body endotoxin and needless water portion, drive blood and water share basal metabolis, have advantageous micturition, go oedema effect.

4, urge breast to give birth to breast. Chai Yu doing has filling gas to enrich the blood, milch effect, have the effect 上海夜网 上海夜网that rehabilitation of a milk, filling body, hurried treats to pregnant woman.

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