Clever hill special local product is fastfood

14 01月

We all of region of respecting clever country most a few professional knowledge that what remember without doubt first is concerned Buddhist, because be in the genetic ground that our heart face feels clever to hill is a Buddhist, actually clever hill also is to have a lot of have a characteristic relatively feed capable person, of this kind of characteristic feed material to make very delicate, carry relatively convenient also, we go clever hill goes vacationing local speciality of a few clever hill still can be taken to close everybody below the circumstance of travel, is the characteristic of local speciality of that Zuo clever hill fastfood what to have?

One of food of clever hill characteristic, sesame seed cake of furnace of clever hill crock, square and its appearance is small yellow, opposite complete porcelain sticks Bai Zhi Ma Ren, make delicate, fragile sweet flat bread of happ上海夜生活论坛 上海夜生活论坛y person clever hill is raw material with Ma Ren of flour of essence of life, Bai Zhi, mineral water, with fire of furnace temperature of traditional pattern crock fine bake and become, have " crisp, sweet, thin, fragile " etc characteristic passageway is small and fragile, and long put not exhausted, blow dry not quite hard, it is the sesame seed cake of furnace of top grade crock of given close friends, it is food of clever hill characteristic, condiment has authoritarian and ancestral secret recipe, make delicate, the passageway is small and fragile,

Fragile sweet happy person, and long put not exhausted, blow sesame seed cake of furnace of dry not quite hard crock, bake crock of made flat bread with furnace, call crock furnace sesame seed cake to make with the crock consequently food is a kind very the means of extraordinary, it was applied " crock " bright and clean, fire prevention and Bao Hou, boil the flat bread that go out not burnt,南京夜网论坛 南京夜网论坛 piece the lamp, eat a sweet, crisp, fragile the making method of this kind of flat bread is in ripe degree go up to be paid attention to extremely, because be shown in the crock sunken model, cool or heat flat bread must slip go down

1, clever hill big Zong

Clever hill big Zong is to choose clever Shangaopin the DIY condiment such as flesh of music of qualitative rice, natural zhongzi leaf, Chines南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发e chestnut, dried, live pig, gram, handicraft of basis folk-custom tradition is tailor-made and into, taste, of figure and other area quadrilateral of Zong not

Clever hill big Zong " glutinous and not burnt, fat and not mouth of be bored with, nutrition of lubricious fragrance completely is rich, taste extraordinary " the folk-custom tradition cate that has time of ages ago history and top grade of content of give sb a present, clever hill person spends the New Year or celebrate a festival to wrap a zhongzi chronically, double visit big Zong of hill of spirit sending friend to have: The edible method such as Zong of black soya bean of preserve one's health has simmer in water or evaporate

2, benefit of clever hill pink

Powdery benefit is one of cate of Guangxi province tradition, the key spreads all over laurel north, the district austral laurel, "Powdery benefit " the interest of pink of meaning clever hill that analogy meaning next year has a lucky energy of life is main material with paddy rice, outside in many ways is various complementary material is tailor-made 上海水磨会所 上海水磨会所and into, lubricious bright sweet beauty, sweet tender goluptious

Powdery benefit is pure natural rice product, roller of rock of all previous classics grinds an oar, subsequently evaporate of all previous classics is made and save district to be able to take powdery advantage during spend the New Year commonly into Guangxi, the meaning with denouncing good fortune as one wishes

The ability when spending the New Year merely before powdery benefit can eat, nowadays is to have all the year round, each district of clever hill throughout the country can eat method of powdery benefit edible to have: Cut a Shui Chao or cut add 广州夜网 广州夜网little pork vegetable is fried

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