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Woodworm, Furniture Beetle and Other Insect Damage

This page aims at helping you to spot the signs of woodworm, furniture beetle and other insect damage. The information below should help you identify any related problems you may currently have.

Spotting the Signs

House Longhorn

Hylotrupes Bajulus

Timber Attacked: Softwoods, i.e. pine.

Damage Evident: Severe tunneling, tunnels often coalescing, may totally destroy sapwood. Tunnels full of bore dust. Often leaves a sound veneer of wood; surface often appears ‘corrugated’ where damage is severe. Fine ridges usually visible on surface of tunnels.

Bore Dust: Suasage shaped pellets, readily visible to the naked eye. Bore dust is lose and easily shaken out.

Tunnels: Large oval tunnels.

Emergence Holes: Oval 6-10mm.

Common Furniture Beetle

Anobium Punctatum

Timber Attacked: Soft and hardwoods and ply. Tropical hardwood tends to be immune.

Damage Evident: Severe tunneling with a slight tendency to run along the grain. Lost of uniform coloured bore dust.

Bore Dust: Gritty, lemon shaped pellets, uniform in colour. Easily knocked out of wood.

Tunnels: Round tending to run with the grain.

Emergence Holes: Round 1-2mm.

Power Post Beetle

Lyctus Brunneus

Timber Attacked: Sapwood of wide pored hardwoods (eg Oak) with a high starch content. Timbers over 10 years old usually immune.

Damage Evident: Severe tunneling in the sapwood with a tendency to run along the grain in early stages. Lots of bore dust. Sapwood often entirely disintegrated with only a thin sound surface left.

Bore Dust: Flour like. Smooth when rubbed between fingers. Easily knocked out of wood.

Tunnels: Round, frequently join with other tunnels. Tends to run along the grain.

Emergence Holes: Round 1-2mm.

Death Watch Beetle

Xestobium Rufovillosum

Timber Attacked: Hardwood with some decay present eg Oak or Elm. Softwoods can be attacked if well decayed and close to infested hardwood.

Damage Evident: Like common furniture beetle – extensive tunnelling. Damage may be mostly internal.

Bore Dust: Very gritty bun shaped pellets of uniform colour. Visible to the naked eye.

Tunnels: Round tunnels with lots of bore dust.

Emergence Holes: Round 3mm.

Wood Boring Weevils

Pentarthrum Huttoni/Europhryum Confine

Timber Attacked: Very decayed hardwoods and soft woods.

Damage Evident: Tunnels run along the grain frequently breaking the surface. Tunnelling is done by both larvae and adults.

Bore Dust: Similar to common furniture beetle.

Tunnels: Round, frequently break the surface.

Emergence Holes: Round and ragged 1mm.


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