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Woodworm Treatment

The objective of remedial treatment in areas where woodworm or wood boring beetles have been discovered is to ensure that the conditions responsible for the decay are removed. The method of application of preservatives chosen will be the best possible in the circumstances to achieve the successful eradication of timber pests.

Spray treatment of timbers in-situ will be more effective if the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The arrangement of adequate access to timbers prior to treatment by removal of floor coverings, furniture or other structures. In roof voids, any ceiling joist insulation present must be lifted and any stored items removed for the duration of the treatment process. After removal of any floor coverings, suspended timber floors are best treated by lifting every third or fourth board and spraying along the joists and on both the upper and lower surfaces of the floorboards.
  • It is usual for some deep seated larvae to survive the effect of a surface spray application. However, these will be killed when they move to the surface of the timber either on pupation or on their emergence as adult insects.
  • Any areas of timber to be treated should be as dry as possible before the process is commenced. The timbers should not be soaked by mopping or steam cleaning and adequate heating and ventilation should be maintained to ensure the timbers are perfectly dry. Our operatives will ensure that any replacement timbers are in their final size and shape prior to treatment. Freshly cut wood surfaces will be treated with a suitable preservative.
  • A generous application of a remedial wood preservative will be applied using a coarse spray jet. There are a large variety of pumps in use from hand sprayers to electrically driven pumps. Your surveyor will be able to advise you which kind of pump is to be used during the treatment of your property, and whether access to an electrical supply will be required.

The spray application should cover all surfaces with a persistent insecticidal coating. Thus infected wood will be treated to achieve eradication and protection from future infestation and adjacent sound timber will receive a protective treatment.

Floor Repairs and Replacement

The removal of severely damaged sapwood edges and any adhering bark is essential when treating timber infested by insects.

Timbers that are embedded in brickwork or masonry which are inaccessible, or of large dimension, should be treated with a bodied mayonnaise emulsion preservative. Any replacement timbers should be isolated from damp masonry by use of suitable PCA approved damp proofing material.


How to Spot

Not sure what the signs of woodworm or wood boring beetles are? Find out more information.


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