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Professional Surveys

Our qualified and experienced surveyors are able to undertake professional surveys independent from a conveyancing chain, letting agent request or home owner enquiry. The standard charge for this type of survey is £120 + vat and is usually levied in the following situations:

  • A request for a survey in connection with equity release or secured homeowner loan
  • A request from a landlord or letting agent where condensation is suspected but a professional opinion is sought
  • A request for a survey inspection for rising dampness in a house under 50 years old. Houses of this age are very rarely affected by rising dampness as they almost always have an existing damp proof course installed

Please feel free to discuss your individual requirements with our surveyors.

No Charge for Most Surveys

All Tied Up! are pleased to be able to participate in a free estimate scheme. Whilst many of our competitors charge for all their surveys, we are able to offer a free survey to anyone committed to a housing sale chain. This means that if you are in a sale chain and have had a homebuyers or mortgage valuation survey, we can provide you with a free estimate. Existing homeowners can also take advantage of our free estimates providing the problems at their property can be properly identified as those of rising damp or timber decay. Our surveyors can establish this at the time of survey booking and will advise if the survey may incur a charge.

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